investments in

Economic Mobility

The following includes your investments to help people improve their socioeconomic status and independence in the Midlands community in 2017-2018.



In 2017-2018, 2,201 seniors participated in programs in Fairfield, Newberry, Orangeburg and Richland counties, and nearly 300,000 meals were provided to seniors.

Because of United Way-supported programs, 65% of seniors stayed in their homes and maintained Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for at least six months.

Newberry County Council on Aging | Adult Day Health Care | $20,000

Newberry County Council on Aging |Home Delivered Meals in Newberry & Fairfield Counties | $54,333

Orangeburg County Council on Aging | Home Delivered Meals Program | $21,833

Senior Resources | HomeCare | $20,000

Senior Resources | Senior Meals Programs | $69,834

The Lourie Center | Transportation Program | $17,000


increasing income

United Way helped 862 people increase their income through new benefits or employment.

Also, 7,001 tax returns were completed for eligible households in the Midlands, and $1.5 million Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) were refunded to qualified households to total $4.7 million in tax refunds.

Mental Illness Recovery Center, Inc. | Homeless Outreach, Supportive Housing, Behavioral Healthcare and Benefits Assistance | *Total amount is included on homelessness page

Richland Library | New Hope Project | $75,000

The Cooperative Ministry | Tax Return Preparation | $70,000

When you walk in here, you have to walk by faith. It’s amazing to be able to say this is mine.
— Benjamin, New Hope Project Participant